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The Montréal Exchange offers training solutions to learn more about options market. Our videos are for all investors and cover a wide range of option topics. Learn all about options trading in these 15-minute presentations.

Latest videos

Hedging with SXO Options

See how SXO options can be used to protect your portfolio from downside risk. This video explains how to calculate the optimal number of contracts to achieve as close as a perfect hedge possible.

Gaining Market Exposure with SXO Options

Learn how to use SXO options to trade your view of the overall market. This video provides specific examples of how you can take advantage of a bullish or bearish market using SXO options. In addition, it outlines certain principles of contract selection, such as selecting the expiration month and strike price.

S&P/TSX 60 Index Options

This video focuses on S&P/TSX 60 index options (SXO options). Index options and equity options are compared and the differences are explained. In addition, factors affecting an index contract value at expiration are also explained.