Canadian Derivatives Exchange*

Market Access

To accommodate independent software vendors (ISVs) and approved participants who want to connect their own front-end trading applications to SOLA, MX offers an open platform.

Order management protocols

  • SAIL: SOLA® Access Information Language is the native protocol for SOLA®, offering functionalities required by both order flow providers and market makers.
  • Industry standard protocol: The FIX protocol is available for order flow providers.

Market data feed

  • HSVF: High Speed Vendor Feed for access to MX's real-time trading and statistical information (comprised of trades, quotes, market depth, strategies, bulletins, summaries and other statistics).
  • OBF: Real-time binary MX Order Book Feed offers clients full depth-of-book and order-by-order detail for all derivative products traded on the Bourse.

Post-trade services

  • ATR : Automated trade reporting for a real-time feed of trades by approved participants.
  • Clearing API: An API for approved participants and clearing firms to develop their own software to communicate with the MX Clearing Access Services gateway for post-trade allocations.
  • End-of-day trade reports: End-of-day trade report is a .csv file accessible through a secure FTP server that contains, among other fields, the counterparty information of each trade. Available for approved participants only (domestic and foreign).
  • LOPR service: Please refer to the Web page
  • Trade management system: The TMS application is designed for approved participants or their clearing member to handle post-trade allocations. It provides real-time trade reporting and allocation functionality. TMS links the trading platform to the Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation (CDCC). Thus, TMS facilitates the clearing, back office and risk management operations. The TMS application installation package is a self-extracting file.