Canadian Derivatives Exchange*

Advisory Notices

2017 advisory notices

These documents are PDF files.

Date Number Title
2017-11-13 A17-017 Change in Closing Time of SXO, SXJ and SXV Index Options
2017-10-31 A17-016 Decommission of the HSVF D2 and D3 unicast protocols & the HSVF D3 multicast protocol
2017-09-29 A17-015 Modification to the Three-Month Canadian Bankers’ Acceptance Futures (BAX) Contract Margin Methodology & Regulatory Division of Bourse de Montréal Inc. Futures Contracts Margin Rates File Layout
2017-09-01 A17-014 MX Production HSVF D5 Protocol Launch Date
2017-08-30 A17-013 Industry Change T+2 Settlement Cycle
2017-08-15 A17-012 Modification to the ClearingAPI Schedule Of Post-Trading Activities
2017-08-15 A17-011 Modification to Trade Management System (TMS) Schedule
2017-08-02 A17-010 General Test Environment (GTE) Service Interruption & HSVF Multicast D5 Protocol availability in GTE
2017-08-02 A17-009 Listing of additional share futures
2017-06-15 A17-008 Maintenance of the Montréal Exchange website
2017-06-05 A17-007 General Test Environment (GTE) Unscheduled Service Interruption
2017-05-15 A17-006 Mandatory Use of the User Defined Strategies Facility for the Execution of Option Strategies
2017-05-08 A17-005 General Test Environment (GTE) Unscheduled Service Interruption
2017-04-26 A17-004 TMX Internal Disaster Recovery Test
2017-03-24 A17-003 No-cancellation Stage for Index Futures and Share Futures
2017-02-14 A17-002 Extended Regular Trading Session Hours
2017-02-03 A17-001 Listing of Additonal Share Futures