Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

MX contracts are accessible for execution through the following Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who are available to assist market participants by offering service support. Market participants have the option of choosing their trading terminal application from one of these suppliers or to use a proprietary trading system developed by an approved participant. In all cases, the solution must be certified before implementation by MX who manages the access to SOLA.

SAIL Risk PTV Drop Copy Version FIX Version
Bloomberg Tradebook         A4
Broadridge - Dataphile Software         A4
Broadridge Financial Solutions CDA Inc.         A4
CQG         A4
FFastFill     A4 A4
FIS – Valdi     A9    
FlexTrade Systems, Inc. – FlexTrade         A4
IBM Canada         A4
ION - Patsystems       B0 A4
ION Fidessa – Fidessa Trading Platform   B2/A4 DC F0
ION Trading         A4
IRESS Market Technology Canada – IRESS     A9    
Itiviti   A9/A4 DC    
LIST S.p.A. – FastTrade         A4
Quantitative Brokers – QB OMS         A4
Quoter Jean A1/A4 DC A4
Raptor Trading Systems Inc. – Raptor Order Router         A4
RealTick         A4
Redline Trading Solutions – InRush Ticker Plant and Order Execution Gateway     A9/B0    
Rival Systems     B2    
Stellar Trading Systems     A9    
Succession Systems     A4    
TMX Connect     B2    
Trading Technologies     A9    
Vela - (FrontRunner)     A9/B0    
Vela - (Metro)     A9/B0    
WEX Trading Platform (WTP)         F0