Canadian Derivatives Exchange*


The Montréal Exchange (MX), Canada's oldest exchange, is a fully electronic exchange dedicated to the development of the Canadian derivative markets.

A complete line of integrated services

As the sole financial derivatives exchange in Canada, MX today exerts its leadership in the following areas of expertise:

  • Financial derivatives markets
  • Information technology solutions
  • Clearing services

Unique risk management products

The market for exchange-traded derivatives is one of the strongest segments of the broader financial risk management industry worldwide. MX offers individual and institutional investors, both in Canada and abroad, a wide range of risk management products for protecting their investments and ensuring growth.

MX currently lists:

A notable entrance in the American market

In February 2004, MX took a position in the huge and growing US equity options market through its majority ownership interest in the Boston Options Exchange (BOX). As technology partner in BOX, MX is responsible for the market operations and technological development of the exchange.

Reliable, flexible and advanced trading technologies

Advanced electronic trading software plays a key role in the development of financial exchanges worldwide. MX and BOX markets are supported by reliable, flexible and advanced trading technologies. As a dynamic institution with a proven capacity to innovate, MX has developed and completed a proprietary "next generation" trading system called SOLA®. Thanks to SOLA®, MX now leads the way in trading software innovations.

Top-rated clearing services

MX clearing house, the Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation (CDCC), provides central counterparty clearing services to participants. CDCC, who rigorously manages risk exposures, continues to distinguish itself by upholding a top investment rating and a strong reputation. Recently, CDCC completed regulatory rule changes allowing the clearing house to offer risk management services to partners in the OTC market.

A growing number of market participants

MX market liquidity is on the rise. This growth is driven by the increased appetite of traders and investors from a growing list of countries for exposure to derivative instruments. More than 90 approved participants from London, New York, Chicago, and Montréal now connect directly to MX electronic trading system.