What is an RSS/XML feed?

RSS/XML feeds allow you to read news about the Montréal Exchange at your own convenience. Using an RSS feed reader/agregator lets you access information from in the environment of your choice. Simply choose your feed from the links provided below.

How can I use an RSS/XML feed?

To display our RSS/XML feeds on your computer, you must first get a RSS feed reader/agregator. Once the reader is installed on your computer, you can download the feed of your choice.

Where can I get an RSS reader/agregator?

RSS feed readers/agregators are available for download on the Web. We recommend you get information to make sure the reader/agregator is compatible with your operating system.

How can I obtain RSS feeds from the Montréal Exchange?

To obtain the feed you want, copy/paste the hyperlink of the feed below in the appropriate RSS/XML reader field.

Warning: XML feeds may not work properly on RSS readers.

Terms of use

[...] You agree to: (1) show the content of any RSS Feed as provided to you by the Bourse, without you being able to modify or manipulate such content, unless you obtain indications to the contrary from the Bourse or you obtain the prior written consent of the Bourse; (2) indicate clearly and at all times that any RSS Feed has been provided by the Bourse; (3) respect the integrity of the RSS Feeds produced by the Bourse, their content as well as the trademarks and copyright notices, and to not remove, mask or modify in any manner whatsoever any reference to copyright, trademark or other notice of title indicated in any RSS Feed produced by the Bourse and its content [...]

For more information, you can read the Terms of Use – Website and RSS feeds.